Many of our blackout kits include pieces that are painted per order, and thus have a lead time prior to shipping. Lead times are the time it takes from placing an order until the part is painted and complete. This does not include packaging and shipping time.

Shipped Parts Lead Times

On average, blackout part orders have a lead time of 10 to 14 business day (excluding weekends and holidays). We don't start this clock until you receive your order confirmation. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. Make sure you include a valid email address with your purchase in order to receive order shipment notifications.

These dates are only estimates and rely on actual production and availability. Each item is subject to change without prior notice.

In-Shop Installation Lead Times

Our in-shop installations always get priority production time, so consider this if time is an important factor to you. An in-shop installation of a premium blackout kit typically takes 4-7 business days at our St. Louis, Missouri location.

Need an order update?

If you would like an update on your order status, please submit a support request here. Replying to an automated notification email will hinder our ability to get you answer quickly.