Rock chips are an unfortunate reality in the automotive industry. They are difficult to protect against, and even harder to avoid in the first place.

Nothing is Immune to Rock Chips

The fact of the matter is, if you throw a rock at any painted surface there is going to be damage. Our goal is to make it less noticeable. We achieve that with our dual layer finish parts. Look for the "dual layer" tag on parts for the front of your vehicle.

Does our warranty cover rock chips?

We do not warranty parts that receive rock chip damage. We believe our parts meet or exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

The only real protection against this kind of damage is a paint protection film (also known as a clear bra). These self-healing films provide a barrier between your paint and the rock. We recommend getting paint protection applied to your vehicle if this is a concern for you.

For pieces of the vehicle that cannot have PPF applied to them (such as a grille) we recommend using parts that have a dual layer finish. Click here to learn more about dual layer finish parts